Belmont Pier Fishing photos & info for Belmont Shores California

If it's Sunday, a great place to take a stroll and watch people fishing is the Belmont Pier in Belmont Shore, sometimes referred to as Belmont Shores, though really it is "Shore",  a community of Long Beach, California.  Located south of downtown Long Beach, you can see the city skyline from the pier and watch the large freighters head for the port to unload their shipments of products that clothe and bring cars and merchandise to the mainland US. And while you're strolling on the scenic Belmont Pier, chances are pretty good that you'll see two cousins out fishing at a Southern California pier. Thanks to their grandma who takes them fishing and often neatly baits their hooks while their casting a line, the Lozano cousins are doing what they


Maybe you can even watch them as you zip by on the Aqualink high-speed Catamaran boat thatt sometimes passes close to the pier, as seen in the video.

It's a family tradition for these teen boys who know tell us that the best fishing is often before the sun comes up or after the sun goes down.  They started fishing when they were young, and have been out at the California piers catching fish ever since. A skilled angler in her own right, their grandma drives them from their homes in Whittier and Montclair to Long Beach's pier, Seal Beach, Redondo Beach....and just about any place in Southern California where the fishing is good. Not just about bonding, the family exemplifies a lifestyle.  Many Californians who love fishing go to a pier with their easy chairs, books, radios and kids to spend a relaxing day outdoors by the sea. 


On the day we met up with our budding correspondents, they caught a shark and assorted fish ideal for bait. We asked them lots of questions, which they answered. Heree's a sampling:


Q. Can you eat the fishh?
A. This year you can't eat them.  Listen to the news and ask people on the pier who will tell you that the fish are poison right now. You'll get very sick if you eat them.


Q. How do you know when you have a fish on the line?
A. You see the line begin to tighten a little, but you can't touch it then or you'll scare the fish away. You have to wait to till it starts to move a lot.


Q. Why doesn't the fishing pole fall over the pier when a fish tugs on the line?
A. There's a big ring on the pole that runs into the pier rail and is stopped.


Q. Where is the fishing best?
A. The best pier fishing  is at Belmont Pier and Redondo Beach most of the time. When a boat comes by (which is fairly often in Long Beach), it scares the fish and they come toward the pier where we catch them. 


Q. What's your biggest fish?
A. Once we caught a shark that took about an hour to pull in. Our grandma was holding on, too, so we wouldn't get tugged into the water.


Q. What do people need to know about fishing?
A. It takes a lot of patience...a LOT of patience!


While these local anglers are able to drive to the pier, fish, then go home in a day, not every fun-seeker has that option. Many of us drive quite a distance to see the local sights and for us, there are many options for overnight stays. Why not book an affordable hotel room near the harbor? While the hotel is in need of renovation as of this writing, we like the price at the Best Western Golden Sails hotel. Be sure to click on the Packages option to see if there are any specials going.  Many opt to pay more and stay at more of a full service hotel, which we've done as well. In so doing, one of the best options is the Hyatt Regency Long Beach Hotel, overlooking the harbor, aquarium and Queen Mary ship. If you're mobile and want more options, you should consider beach vacations along the Orange County coast, or head on over to Disneyland theme park area in Anaheim for over 100 hotels to choose from

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