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Bella Terra Huntington Beach Mall

Bella Terra, Huntington Beach, California



Bella Terra (formerly Huntington Beach Mall)



Bella Terra mall in Huntington Beach is the re-opening of a former indoor mall to an outdoor entertainment, dining and shopping venue that's instantly become a destination. Launched in September 2006, a special attraction is the entertainment village designed in the vein of the Italian San Gimiguano in Umbria. This community gathering spot with its open spaces includes an amphitheatre in Greco-Roman style with stone seating and grass lawns surrounded by a multiplex theatre, paseos, open air outdoor lounge areas, dining and shopping. On Friday or Saturday nights the plaza sizzles with excitement as crowds of people meet, dine, shop or take in movies at the 20 screen theater.



Bella Terra is an outdoor dining, shopping and entertainment destination featuring 71 retailers in a Tuscan-themed village that lends itself to pedestrian-friendly strolls in the year-round pleasant weather Southern California and Orange County beaches such as Huntington Beach enjoy.



The mall stood nearly vacant for two decades until a master plan finally brought the elements together to form a cohesive entertainment and shopping venue the public would support. With early design concepts from the famed Jerde Partnership, the formerly enclosed mall was transformed into a 770,000 square-foot regional center with a large parking structure to facilitate traffic and allow for more retail space.



The entertainment village anchored by a multiplex theater was designed to offer the dramatic scale and skyline of an Italian village. Meandering paseos strategically radiating from a centrally-located Greco-Roman amphitheatre facing a fountain wall on which permanent sculpture installations costing over $1 million were placed, offers bench seating and grassy lawns that enhance the visitor experience, inviting guests to stay longer. A marquis center with LED lighting that says, "Bella Terra" is visible from the San Diego Freeway.



Included in the mall are:

REI, Free Concerts, Grand Opening, Restaurants & nightlife