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English is spoken in the country of Belize, a melting pot of four different cultures and peoples who coexist in the tropical region with beaches, bayous and only 4 stop lightss! The landscape of a few areas of Belize feels somewhat familiar to the  farms communities and countryside of the United States.


Pictured above is a street scene from Belize City on a busy shopping day. Bottom row contains a harbor and boat dock located adjacent to the beautiful Belize Historical Museum where the culture, tropical landscape and history are highlighted in beautiful displays. Shown in photo on right is a man demonstrating the process of making chewing gum the old fashioned way. "This is the real gum," he tells guests as he stirs the iron pot perched above a wood fire. He pulls of pieces of the rubbery substance, cools them in a fresh bucket of water and offers pieces of gum made from  chicklet tree milk. The gum is softer, more solvent than what's currently offered in stores through a manufactured process.