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Woody with Christmas Tree in Sunset Beach Parade


christmas tree on car
woody car in sunset beach parade

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The salmon colored woody in the Sunset Beach Christmas parade has been making the rounds as part of the Southern California Woodie Club.


Hey, we saw this car with the tree on top at the Huntington Beach Christmas Parade. If you get to know the woody car owners, or happen to be one yourself, you'll realize they make the rounds throughout SoCal during the holidays. Appearing in parades far and wide, their joy is throwing on the lighted wreath, Christmas tree or garland wrapped surfboard and cruising down the main streets and strands as the envy of those who drool over a classic California car.


The woody is the symbol of the California beach lifestyle.  In fact, you get to know them by their paint jobs, their stickers and license plates as you travel the California coast and visit the beach towns along the way.


In the NO Parade, members of the Southern California Woodie Car Club showed up and drove in the parade, delighting residents throwing parties outdoors along the parade route. The salmon colored woodie shown above is in primo condition and sports a sticker, "LONGBOARDER". Longboarders are surfers who like the long boards that today are lighter and more streamlined than the original heavy wooden planks that surfers first took to the ocean with. Longboards today are made usually of foam blanks that are shaped, decorated, resin coated and even include turbofins. The woody car and longboard are two symbols of the Sunset Beach lifestyle. An annual longboard surfing contest is held in Sunset Beach, and on most days, you'll notice at least one cherry woody parked and its owner out in the water. If you don't see the car or other woodies there, drive on down to Harbor House Cafe, Woody's Diner, or Taco Surf and your chances are pretty good to see a woody or two.


Where to stay: The obvious hotel choices are right along the Sunset Beach No Parade Route. As a matter of fact, the parade actually begins near the Ramada Hotel.



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