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Whaley House in San Diego is considered haunted. Located in Old Town Historic State Park, it offers tours.

It's no wonder many are skeptical about the claims of ghosts in San Diego. Throughout the years there have been hundreds of claims that buildings are haunted, and we have personal knowledge of embellishment of a ghost report to help garner press at an historic San Diego building that once sought to increase its sales by adding an air of mystery to its hallowed halls.


Throughout the years of ghost talk, one report that the ghost of a playmate of the Whaley children can be spotted. A little girl allegedly broke her neck on a low-hanging clothesline in the backyard. There are no records of any child dying this way at the Whaley House, and some claim the story was concocted by a former Whaley House employee seeking to add to the housee's mystique.


Even so, anomalous or unexplained phenomena exist in many of San Diego's haunts, and within my own family came reports from a relative who worked many years in Hotel del Coronado that it was truly haunted. Located in Old Town San Diego, the Whaley House is said to be haunted.  Once a granary, the County Court House, San Diego's first commercial theater, and Thomas Whaley's own general store, it also was where  Violet Whaley committed suicide in 1885. The mid-nineteenth century Greek Revival architecture makes the building look quite stately and the furthest thing from what one would associate with ghost hauntings.


Yankee Jim, or James Santiago Robinson  hanged on a gallows off the back of a wagon where the house now stands. Even though Thomas Whaley was a spectator at the execution, he bought the property for his family home. Phantom walking noises and windows becoming unlatched and flying open are a few mysteries. On the upper landing a figure dressed in frock coat and pantaloons, has turned away and faded from view. A small figure of a woman with a long skirt, cap on her head, dark hair and hoop earrings has been observed, then fades from view.


If you think the public isn't interested in ghosts, you couldn't be more wrong. Volunteers and docents report over 100,000 people visit the Whaley House annually, coming from around the globe to satisfy their curiosity.

Programs such as The Travel Channel's America's Most Haunted have helped perpetuate stories and spur interest. Declaring the Whaley House the most haunted house in the US, the reach of this program has significantly contributed to attendance from those stating they have interest in ghosts. There's nothing new about such claims, as many places in San Diego such as Hotel del Coronado, likewise, are said to be haunted. But for those who have seen ghosts before or experienced unexplained events, your chances for an encounter is reportedly high at this location. Whaley House, 2476 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA. Open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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