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Oktoberfest Dance




Video California German Hall Dancing During Oktoberfest



Even chickens can dance the Chicken Dance. This popular crowd-pleaser is suitable for those with "two left feet."  It's been called the Bird Dance, Birdie Dance, Ducky Dance and is considered good luck for clucks. Get out your enthusiasm and don't be afraid to look silly.  Usually enjoyed at functions where ample cocktails and beer are served, adults love this dance...but so do kids.


When you hear the music played in the video on this page, that's the signal that the crowd is going to come to their feet and start tweaking, pinching their fingers, clacking and stomping. A repetitious, simple tune often that's known to come in over 150 versions, its simplicity and cheerful sound accompanies the wacky dance that includes wiggling down to the floor, flapping your arms like a chicken and putting your hands in front and above you, opening and closing them like a chicken. 


The song, itself, was first attributed to a Swiss musician, Werner Thomas who played a mean Handharmonika in the 1950s. The popularity of the song spread from Davos, Schweiz to a global audience. In the U.S., Chicken Dance is a most requested song at Oktoberfest celebrations and weddings. In California, there are some beach celebrations of Oktoberfest such as Huntington Beach and Torrance, but one of our mood favorites in the Oktoberfest in Big Bear Lake.  There they not only dance the chicken dance in a huge dance hall, they also saw logs, women and men both!


If you really can't dance and you want to throw a bit of comedy into any formal occasion, open up the dance floor with a Chicken Dance. The sound of the music usually breaks the ice.