Video of Hyatt Regency Hotel Long Beach California Harbor


Long Beach--Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach, Calif. sits along a beautiful harbor where restaurants, shopping, nightlight and boat rides abound. If location is what you want, the Hyatt's got it.


The photograph above shows the view from a hotel room at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach hotel. The video begins with a view of the Hyatt seen from the water on the public transportation Aqualink boat. The camera pans past the beautiful sailboat to a row of restaurants in the background such as PF Chang's and a steakhouse. Then the camera sweeps the distant city skyline and ends on the Aquarium of the Pacific in the Rainbow Harbor.


I am one of those people who will travel 10 - 15 miles and stay overnight on a vacation, or work. Long Beach is one such place I often enjoy and spend nights in, for two reasons. 1) Location, location. 2) Hyatt Regency on the bay. 


Hyatt Regency hotels meet my needs because they have firm beds.  For me, it means a good night's sleep. If I find a room has a soft bed, I will order a thin rollaway mattress and sleep on the floor just to be sure I don't wreck my back.  So far, Hyatt has been consistent in supplying quality beds that are just right. And I've never had a bad view in the Hyatt Regency Long Beach hotel. Starbucks Coffee kiosk in the hotel lobby opens early and supplies all the perfect drinks one could desire, and right next door to the hotel is the Long Beach Convention Center. Combined, this package is a wow!  There's no place in California I can think of that rivals this unique entertainment destination in convenience, cleanliness, comfort and simplicity of getting around.


Long Beach, the International City, features the Aquarium of the Pacific near the hotel, Pine Avenue night life, boats to Catalina Island, rides around the bay, Carnival Cruises to Mexico, the Queen Mary Sunday Brunch, the Art District, and an incredible water and land transportation system to take you further than these "within walking distance" attractions from the hotel.


On my last overnighter to Long Beach Hyatt, I was on a job assignment. I felt so happy being in Long Beach, the city with countless charms. From the cosmopolitan look and feel, to the beach that sits right there, I could be happy living in a town of 500,000. But since housing along the water has gotten a bit steep from the days where I had my chance to purchase a spacious 1800-square-foot, 17th story condo with sweeping views of the Long Beach harbor and Belmont Shores, I will spend affordable nights at the Hyatt, and make many trips to a city I love. Sometimes you feel yourself caught in an unexplainable addiction that ties you to a location.  Long Beach certainly has me in its grips.