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Video Huntington Beach Main Street Sharkeez & Sugar Shack



Video shows strolling down Main Street to the beat of people, food and beachin' fun.


Movin' to the beat of Main Street, the video and photograph show the second block of Main Street in Huntington Beach. Within a few hundred feet you'll find four or five restaurants.


As the video begins, the camera takes a pan of a set of payphones. Remember those if you ever need to call someone the old-fashioned way. There arenn't many pay phones remaining. They are located on the side of the building next to Longboard Pub, where people are dining outdoors. Colorful balloons hang on the posts and a food server wanders back to the outdoor podium where diners can check in for a table. Notice American flags hanging from posts above several restaurants. Nice touch!


Moving beyond that is a quick glance at No Ka Oi, known for its tasty menu and imported Hawaiian coffee beans, some of the finest.


Next you'll see the foot traffic start to jam up a bit as a guy reaches up to sign his name on a clip board. At Sugar Shack that's how you put your name on the list. Be nice! Don't mark out someone else's name in order to get seated faster. Sugar Shack is an institution in this town. It's where a mom has run the business and helped serve up hot breakfasts for several decades. Dad works in beach operations, keeping the beaches in top condition for the public, and several sons have grown into top notch surfers. One even became a film-maker, Tim Turner.  He contracted an infection during his surf journeys, probably from ocean pollution. The community nearly lost him but he's fought back and is recovering, slowly, surely. Brain surgeries, rehab, lots of dedication and prayers are what have kept this hard-working family on course. When you visit "HB", be sure to dine at Sugar Shack to show your support! They specialize in breakfast and lunch with soups and sandwiches, whopping burgers and fries. They're only open one night (Wednesday).


Finally the noise and din begin to rise to hoots and female cheering.'ve hit the famous Sharkeez. Known for its 21+ crowd that loves to drink, be seen and socialize, Sharkeez is the place where people like to hover. As the camera stops at a girl with hat, the videographer manages to squeak by a few more feet to turn the camera and zoom in on a couple girls. Sitting at a table, they're wearing sombreros. One has a fake moustache and they look clearly amused, happy and enjoying the good life just 2 blocks from the beach in HB.