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Beach Event Planning - Limbo Video and Limbo for Beach Parties & Events




Beach event planning is very simple, really. Games such as the limbo with decent prizes are a huge success, even thought they're classic. Why? Everyone likes to watch.


Are you trying to plan a beach event for a group such as a bride to be, kids birthday or corporate picnicc? Well look no further than limbo. If the group contains at least a few limber ladies and men, it's generally a success as one of the activities at a beach event or gathering.


Shown above in the video are some downright talented girls who can really bend their bodies. This competition was held at a large, public sporting event on a California beach. Prizes such as t-shirts were given away for winners.


If your group is a bunch of sedentary seniors, or office workers, then you simply hire a couple limbo dancers to spice up the entertainment.  Many of today's parties have gone back to tried and true basics such as limbo and hula hoop. They're simple, fun, and they're back in popularity.


To make the limbo event more interesting, play lively music that matches the audience. It can be traditional rock, big band, or teeny bop. It doesn't matter. Just play what the people like and you'll have them watching, tapping, and maybe participating.  Limbo doesn't last forever as entertainment value. It's good for up to half an hour (max), but breaks up the party and keeps things moving.


Not only have we promoted beach events for a dozen years, made suggestions to help them be better, and even raised money (up to $100,000) to help an event--a parade and fireworks show. We've helped friends in the business gain a presence on the Internet to sell their event packages, and we know a ticketing company (looking for new customers) that recently booked Kenny Chesney concerts around the US. Their services are fantastic for those seeking online ticket sales with a simple do-it-yourself barcode product shipped for gate admission. With all this knowledge in our heads, and all the requests we get for participation in contemporary beach happenings and events, we decided to start putting it out there to help you with your event planning, sponsorship participation and idea-seeking. Like tourism, event planning ranks as one of the most popular occupations because people are simple in their needs. They like to have down time, to relax and socialize, and with a few organizational efforts, are willing to be entertained and just enjoy.


Things you need to know at California beaches: Events under 25 are usually not required to get a license, though restrictions at most public beaches include no permanent enclosed tents and no electrical outlets with amplified music. Most public beaches also do not hold reservations for beach space and parties.   For  questions about logistics, size, parking, etc., you usually will get your best answer from the operating beach entity in charge.