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Temecula Old Town Transformation Into the "New" Old


Temecula is growing and changing. The buzz-saws have been busy for years now building new wine reception centers, casino upgrades and even hotels.  But the really incredible transformation underway is in Old Town. Having re-visited after several seasons, I was amazed to discover almost a whole new city springing up. They took the "old" out of Old Town Temecula and though the buildings appear to offer unique facades much like the 1800's style, these modern structures are springing 3 stories tall and will no doubt, offer every amenity imaginable for those moving in.


Reminiscent of the type of detail you'll find in California Gold Country's Copperopolis Town Square, the one thing a friend and I pondered was the traffic situation as cars backed up along Front Street, the main drag of this historic district. Filled with Western themes, pumped in music from 60's to country, and   lots of authentic, hickory or oak -smoked barbeque that wafts in smoky clouds through the street, Old Town Temecula might easily by thought of as a tourist trap. Yet, visitors like it as an option to the casinos and wine tours located nearby.


While the car cruisers attending a Rod gathering didn't seem to mind, the traffic is annoying, at minimum. My friend and I commented that the smell of the exhaust from cars wasn't too pleasant, either, and we hoped the new buildings just feet from the street will include triple pane windows to keep out the fumes and noise.


In Huntington Beach, my home town, I saw mayor Keith Bohr state on a news program that our city approved construction of a high rise development in an already congested area (Beach and Edinger corridor) which would, indeed, add more cars to the streets that are already becoming over-taxed in the second densest county in California. But the it would be worth it, he said.


As my friend and I left Temecula and she drove me around her new home town, Laguna Niguel, she told me that it is such a joy to live in a city with 1/3rd of its land devoted to parks. This friend left Huntington Beach behind and is very happy to have escaped the crowds.


The tourist cities such as Temecula and Huntington Beach are pinning their economic hopes on tourism dollars and it seems to me that Temecula is creating an attractive village that tourists will come to even more, assured they can easily park their cars.





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