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Huntington Beach Concerts - Free Summer Surfing Sundays


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Free surfing concerts ant the Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, Calif..―Surf Concerts at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum have been a staple to audiences a number of years.  Each summer in the months of May to October, the Surfing Sundays concerts signal the start of another great year of sunshine, music, sometimes nostalgia, and always great fun.  While surf concerts are by no means the only type of free concert and music offered (Huntington Beach has three different free concert series that include free concerts in Central Park.)

Talented musicians from the original surf bands blend their skills with the younger artists who've learned the style and eagerly become part of the genre, play to audiences who like the lively beat, strong guitars and mostly instrumentals with distinctive sounds. 

The concert series brings the best surfing music artists to Huntington Beach to play. The line up features concerts in both the surf museum's own parking lot, and for a full day of surf music, (4 hours worth), concerts at Pier Plaza next to the Huntington Beach Pier. In addition to the music, guests can buy shaved ice and on other goodies when vendors are on site.

Some of the names: The Nocturnes (Beach Boys Tribute Band), Goofyfoots, Plank-Shakers, Glasgow Tiki Shakers, The Neptunes, Flowmasters, Surfaris (famous for Wipe Out), Aquasonics, Mauraders, Relix, Deap Sea, Insect Surfers, Sand Devils, Surf Kings, Detonators, Soundwaves, Verbtones, Breakaways, cameo appearances by Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean fame, and many more.

Below are surfing sunday videos. Right click your mouse and "Toggle fullscreen" to see large video. "Esc" to return to this page.

Glasgow Tiki Shakers



The Breakaways


   Pyronauts Video



Billy Blastoff & the Surf Rockets


More videos include Eddie Bertrand and Soundwaves

Surfing music features pleasant, upbeat tunes, usually a strong rhythm and musicians who resonate with a beach lifestyle. They usually wear Hawaiian themed shirts, T-shirts and sandals, or sport the retro-look.

When you're tired of the same old, same old, get out to listen to surf vibrations. And while visiting places such as Huntington Beach, stop inside the Surfing Museum to see exhibits honoring greats such as The Beach Boys and a local favorite, Jan & Dean.

Each year the grand finale rounds out the season with a concert, thank-you's and more.

Surfing Museum Concerts: 411 Olive Ave., Huntington Beach, CA   Time: 1 p.m. Not every Sunday, but always held on Sundays.