Mother's Coldest Beer in Town in Sunset Beach, California



Sunset Beach, Calif.-- Are you missing Mother? Don't cry, don't fret. Mother is everywhere you look at the California beach. Mother's Bar in Sunset Beach is one mom who brings comfort to road warriors. While the place is popularly frequented by bikers, these aren't the evil biker types you see in movies. These are old-timers, young ladies, and bike clubs that find mom welcoming them at Mother's on Pacific Coast Highway in Sunset Beach.


While details of the history of this place were told to us by a "mother" at the counter, she also pointed to the ceiling with its history about the underwear and bras suspended above guests heads. Some stories stick like flies to flypaper and in Mother's you're never quite sure what stories are real and what stories are made up.


They serve only wine and beer in Mother's. It's the coldest beer in town.


Down the road in Long Beach is Mother's Beach. Or over in Huntington Harbour you'll find another Mother's Beach, as well. They don't serve beer on those beaches--beer is forbidden. Up on Beach Blvd. a few miles south in Huntington Beach you'll find Mother's Market, a health store and vegetarian restaurant.


Nothing beats Mother's bar for beer served icy cold. It's a place that purportedly was a train ticket booth for the red car. It was supposedly used in the Peter Falk show, Peter Gunn, as well. Mother's is a bright red building next to a bright red barbershop. Some call it a dive bar. Stop by and say hi. You'll find it a slice of refreshing. It's the side of OC that isn't so trendy and hip. It's real and it's got true grit. It's the place you can go when you want to mix things up.





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