Sunset Beach Antiques of the Sea


Sunset Beach--Established in 1977, Sunset Beach's Antiques of the Sea features, brass nautical treasures, American items, household gifts, and a world of interesting collectibles that you won't want to miss. Located on Pacific Coast Highway not far from Warner Street and across from Captain Jack's, the shop see much road traffic in a day.


When passing by the store, you'll usually discover it open when the American flag waves in the breeze in front of the building. As of the time of this publication and photo seen above, the building is a bright, marine blue with white accents.


In the picture you see four riders with their racing bikes and gear. Pacific Coast Highway is one of the favorite routes for distance riding with clubs and groups, or alone.  Adjacent to the road is a paved beach path that begins in Sunset Beach and stretches all the way to Newport Beach, where you can head inland on the Santa Ana River trail for an an additional 30 miles of riding one way.



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