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Southern California Signs of Spring



It's Sunday morning. Time to crack out the shovels, lawn mowers and weed whackers and get rid of those weeds that are popping up all over. Now that it is spring, my yard is filling up with all kinds of things I haven't noticed for a long, long time.  Dandelions, bees, humming birds, and the fragrant smell of the lemon tree blossoms are a few signs that it's time to do a survey and make sure that I am on top of this stuff now before it gets out of hand.


Unlike other places, when spring arrives to Southern California beaches, the changes are simply a matter of plants, grasses and trees growing faster than they did during the winter. There's seldom a freeze, so the greens simply take on new shapes.


I went around the yard and took a few photos. I especially love the color of the grass and lawn, thanks to the rain we've had this year. I think there must be an Easter Bunny somewhere. When I find one, I will take a photo and post it, too. Happy Egg Hunting!



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