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Zebras roam at Safari West...where guests can photograph wild animals up close.


Everyone knows about the safaris at Wild Animal Park in San Diego. But there's a safari that I prefer, located in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country. Safari West lacks the dry savannah that Wild Animal Park offers, but amongst the rolling hills of a huge gated reserve in Santa Rosa, you'll find a place like no other on earth.


Safari West features safari tours, and a unique experience not afforded anywhere in the U.S. You can sleep in an African tent amongst the giraffes and ostriches. With nice bedding, patio decks and your own private toilet and sink in a canvas covered tent on stilts, this is as good as roughing it gets. When a Hearst publication contacted me recently for photos of this attraction, it rekindled the memory of a wonderful vacation.


The next time you plan to see wine country, add a safari at Safari West to your itinerary. Be careful when you go. The atmosphere can stir wild emotions of romance from your human partner. Safari West is located in Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco. The region enjoys nice weather with seasonal rains, but hardly ever will see anything harsh such as snow. It's the perfect place to go for a safari. Just pack some warm clothes in the winter season as nights do get chilly.




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