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 Santa Monica Vacation Gallery Pier Dining Picture


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Santa Monica Vacation Picture Gallery Image of Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is one of the most attractive vacation spots for tourists to see. Itt's not pretty to look at, per se, but it's offerings range from video games to amusement rides, restaurant dining overlooking Santa Monica mountains, bays and the Pacific Ocean, weekend entertainment.

One weekends the place often comes alive with entertainment artists crafting, creating and making joy for all who come aboard the huge wharf to discover its attractions and activities.

Shown above is a real picture taken from the pier looking down on the lower deck where dinner is served.  The photograph was manipulated to appear as a piece of art through the application of several software modifications and filters.

The umbrellas shown in real life look like a mass of vibrant colors ranging from bright red to bright blue. And behind this scene is the Pacific Ocean. Simply lovely.