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California Christmas

Santa Mrs  Mr Santa Costumes Newport Beach


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The photo above shows a store along Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach that sells Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus Costumes during Christmas.

Mr. & Mrs. Santa's costumes get dirty from all that delivery and visits with the good little girls and boys. That's why there are shops selling Santa costumes and outfits. In Newport Beach on Newport Blvd. there's a shop, Bikinis Beach Boutique (don't know if that's the name), that sells not only Mix and Match Bikinis, but also Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus costumes.

If you do some California bar-hopping during Christmas, you'll probably have seen a few Sassy Mrs. Santas. They sell that outfit, plus more traditional Santa costumes.

Santa in California is slightly out there sometimes. With the standard costume, he dresses up the look with some radical sunglasses, boots and even a Hawaiian shirt. If you see children scream and cry, it's the scary Santa look that freaks them out. Sometimes the stare at awe in delight. That usually means the expectations are high that this costumed guy is going to bring gifts from a list.  There's so much trust going on in some cases, in fact, that on a recent Newport Beach boat cruise our reporter heard a dad ask his son, "What did you ask Santa for Christmas?" The 9-year old boy replied, "That's for me to know and you to find out, dad." Let's hope wishes come true for that wide-eyed youth!