Great California Hotels to Hang-out In


Santa Barbara, Calif. -- While I've stayed at Bacara Beach Resort in Santa Barbara, I was always too busy rushing around the city to enjoy the hotel property. Grand lobbies with Southwestern style archways, golden tones, and  the Pacific Ocean often in view, all make for an ambience that welcomes you to sit and enjoy the scenery.

The closest thing I ever came to doing that at Bacara were

1. Checking into my room and sitting on its patio with ocean views for a half an hour

2. Stopping on my way along the coast and having an outdoor patio lunch overlooking the ocean & pool

3. Going on a press trip in which we took a tour of the hotel. Often on these infomercials, there are some moments when you fade, and begin to let you mind wander into another place, one of enjoying the moment.

Bacara Resort offers a huge lobby with lots going on (kind of like an airport where everyone is minding their own business).  It's one of the interesting spots at the hotel to gel. A big bowl of apples invite folks to eat healthy and relax.  On my one time that I did just that while waiting to meet someone in the lobby, I happened to see an associate I've known for a few years. We were both far from home so it was a coincidence that we'd run into each other. The lobby is the best place at Bacara to hang out and people watch. Many think of the swimming pool first, or the beach, but neither see the sorts of traffic that you'll find in the hotel lobby.

While the hotel rooms and suites are slightly understated in my opinion, they do offer a feel of being in your own castle or casa. The patio decks and views of the ocean are simply out of this world fantastic. The hotel rooms and suites are a great place to hang out if you visit, book a room and have time to gaze into the distance on a sunshine day in Santa Barbara.  Check out the prices for rooms


Santa Barbara Japanese Attack Sign and Photos at the beach at the Bacara Hotel


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