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san pedro

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San Pedro's Red Car Line near the Los Angeles Port and Cabrillo Beach

San Pedro--San Pedro's red car ride is delightful and affordable. Ideal for children and adults, the ride is mellow, not fast, and it goes clickety-clack.


Each weekend a huge event happens near the Port of Los Angeles. And it happens with much Fanfare. As songs fill the air and water streams into the sky with fanciful purpose in motion to the music, the big electric Red Car pulls up to the station to let people of to enjoy the free show.

Welcome to San Pedro, where traditions old and new provide an amazing weekend of things to do that a cheap! That's right--cheap! A replica of the Electric Pacific Red Car that ran between Los Angeles and Southern California's beaches till the 1960's has been built and provides an enjoyable ride in San Pedro for around $1. Kids love it, and adults love it more. They are old enough to appreciate that L.A. needs a rail system to the beaches like it once had.  In 2008 there were 129,667 riders on the Red Car. The port is examining possibility of expansion of the line. The public is invited to ride the train for $1 flat fee for a full day!


 Cars Operate Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Noon - 9:00pm For sixty years, the Los Angeles area was served by a vast network of electric railway lines operated by the Pacific Electric Railway. Affectionately known as “Red Cars”, the Pacific Electric’s trolleys and interurban cars blanketed the Los Angeles area on more than 1000 miles of rail lines. The last remnant of the system was abandoned in 1961. Forty-two years later, a small piece of the system has been resurrected in San Pedro, as the Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car Line. Riders can experience the thrill of a real 1920s-era trolley ride, thanks to the remarkable railcars that have been built to serve the line. Regular operation is conducted with two new replica railcars carefully patterned after an actual 1909 Pacific Electric “Red Car” design. A third car, restored in the 1960’s from an actual 1907-vintage Pacific Electric car, also operates occasionally. The 1.5 mile line connects San Pedro’s cruise ship terminal with other attractions along the waterfront. The $10 million dollar project was financed and constructed by the Port of Los Angeles, the independent City agency which manages the bustling port facility. The line uses parts of an old Pacific Electric right-of-way that continued to be used for freight operation long after the original Red Cars were gone. The line was rebuilt to accommodate trolley operations with traditional 600-volt DC overhead trolley wire. The four stations feature ADA-compliant high-level platforms that make boarding and alighting easier for everyone and the new cars easily accommodate wheelchairs. The line opened for public operation on July 19th, 2003. The fare is one dollar for everyone, with children 6 and under free. The fare is collected on board the cars, and your ticket is good all day for unlimited rides throughout the day.