What is the REAL Cost of a Hotel Room in San Diego?



Are you yearning for a San Diego beach vacation? You are not alone. San Diego is the most popular beach getaway in California. Each year when April turns to May, you can guarantee that you'll see cheap rates on hotels fade, like that wave that washed ashore. With advertisements and billboards strewn across the State of California, sunshine promises to be only one click away via Internet booking.


I love San Diego as much as the next person and took note  when I opened my email recently to find an invitation to the Hard Rock hotel's newest promotion, Intervention Sunday Rate.


Costing $150/night, the  special is appealing, and well worth a visit, I thought. "Let's book it," I said to a friend, as we agreed that it would be fun to take a two hour drive to San Diego just to get away for a day.

Assigned to provide my credit card and book the room, I began clicking through the booking process, step by step, and then it hit me in the face. My estimated price became $216.64!


I sell hotels for a living and have recently been writing about the padding that's more and more socking it to those of us who believe it's our god-given right to have a vacation night.


San Diego has been in a budget crisis, yet I read recently that they're spending more money than ever to promote the region as a destination.  By the looks of things, they and everyone else is getting a piece of the pie when you and I book a room. Here are some charges and fees that made my hotel room jump by nearly 50% of its stated price.

Estimated room total per night**

Date    4/19   Room Rate 149.00
Room Tax  18.63
In Charge    17.00
Tourism Tax  0.05
Valet parking- required $32.00


Taxes And Fees Details

Room Tax - a 12.5% Occupancy tax. Tourism Tax - a 5 cent daily California State tax.  In-Charge - a $17 daily charge that keeps guests In-Touch - In-Tune - In-Shape.  It includes:

- Toll free, local and domestic long distance calling.
- In-room wired and wireless high-speed Internet access.
- Unlimited entry to 24/7 fitness center.
- Unlimited use of the business center.

**The displayed totals are estimates only and do not include any additional charges that may be incurred at the hotel. The actual total will be calculated by the hotel in its local currency, based on the local taxes and currency exchange rate (if applicable) in effect at the time charging occurs.




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