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What's Your Favorite California Beach? San Diego!


Everybody has a "Best California Beaches," and I am not alone on that account. But if I had to pick just one beach, which one would I chose for my getaway, my great escape and maybe my only trip this year, since money's tight.


I know my answer but not everybody will agree. Like a comfortable pair of shoes, I am going to select San Diego as my first choice. Why? The weather is a starter. The warmest beaches on the West Coast are in San Diego. And beyond the warmth there are a couple hundred reasons. This second largest city has a couple hundred hotels, with many of them really fantastic, and its focus on nature makes for a nice part of the trip. During my visit I have to go to the zoo, just because it's such a nice zoo.  I've asked my friends to sound in where they plan to go and the answers are varied and interesting.


Many will stay put this season, till hopefully jobs are secured and money begins to trickle in again. I know I have a conference waiting for me in Fairfield, which isn't too close to the beach.


The best deals in beach hotels to date aren't necessarily in San Diego, but for me to get to my second favorite spot on the coast will take some time, which I may not have. I went ahead and booked a room at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. While its located on the island, the hotel itself reminds me of a Hawaiian bay getaway. It's just what I need to escape. Hope your vacation is going to be relaxing, too.




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