Aliso Creek Rest Stop

Aliso Creek Rest Stop on Interstate 5 Between San Diego and Los Angeles


The trip down to San Diego, California's and the United States southern most beach destination on the West Coast, is a long one if the traffic slows on Interstate 5. Just driving from Orange County, the trip is not too long--about 90 minutes on a good day.


But whether it's short or long and the traffic is fast or slow, you need to stop sometimes and take a little breather--as in bathroom break. There's really only one official roadside stop and thank goodness for that! Aliso Creek Rest Stop is a very busy place, and seldom is without a crowd of people stretching, resting, and going.


While the fields and ocean in the distant fields look so pleasant and picture perfect, as you wander around a little paved path, you begin to read the various signs, and learn that there's some critters out there you might not want to run into.


In addition to the bison that roam on Camp Pendleton, there may be rattlesnakes, says the big yellow warning sign. Oh great! If you stay on the paths, use the bathrooms, buy a drink in the vending machine, and head on your way, the chances of seeing any kind of wildlife at all are fairly slim. The hordes of people stopping tends to scare them away. But the signs make for a great adventure to let your imagination run, just as you're heading down for a day at the Wild Animal Park or San Diego Zoo.







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