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Picture of Ruby's Diner Hamburger at Seal Beach Pier



Ruby's makes a sinfully delicious, calorie-packed Hickory Burger shown in photo, accompanied by golden french fries and served in a sesame bun.

Ruby's Diner Hickory Burger--There comes a time when you need something hot, crunchy, cold and sweet, juicy with a hint of salt.  Melted cheese, crunchy slices of cured bacon and even crunchier golden onion rings, all sit atop a hamburger smothered in sweet hickory BBQ sauce. Down under, the cold stuff completes the meal. That's where the lettuce and tomato are tucked away, waiting for the hungry diner to dive in. 

4 out of 5 times we order one of the healthy salad meals at Rubyy's Diner. The cobb or chicken salads are all very nice. But they lack that hot, crunchy, sizzling sweet taste a burger can provide. The burger is so filling that many don't make it through the golden fries.

Pound for pound, our money's on the Ruby's Diner Hickory Burger on your next venture out to the Seal Beach Pier. (We've tried it at the Huntington Beach Pier, as well, and it's equally impressive.)

For those who throw all caution to the wind that whips by the end of the pier where you sit indoors, protected, comfortable, and well-fed, add one of Ruby's malts or shakes. They add items such as crumbled pieces of Oreo Cookies to the blends, if you choose. 

Don't count calories on this venture. Save that for the salad.

Ruby's Diner is open daily at the Seal Beach Pier, cross streets Main & Ocean.