One-of-a-Kind Redondo Beach Pier is Largest Endless Pier on Pacific Coast


Redondo Beach, Calif.--Redondo Beach Municipal Pier is called the "endless pier" for its unique shape. It doesn't come to a dead-end like most piers in California, but actually forms a horseshoe shape into the Pacific Ocean that looks like a loop when you see aerial views as you pass by the coast in aircraft. The recent rendition of the Redondo Pier shown in the photo above is one of approx. seven pier structures built throughout the 100+ year pier history, but is comprised of some older portions of pier mixed with the new structure that was opened in 1996. The new pier was built in a similar manner to other new California piers that now contain reinforced concrete pilings and newer structural engineering standards to withstand much stronger waves and hopefully survive the next large coastal storm.


Shown in the photo above is Kincaid's Bay House Fish, Chops & Steaks on the far right with the umbrellas. There's hardly a bad view anywhere on the pier when you dine there, but this restaurant--one of a chain of approx. eight California restaurants owned by Restaurants Unlimited--is especially nice for viewing the setting sun. The sail boat shapes illuminated by pier lights cast green shadows on the water, creating a magical, almost surreal look.


Architect Edward Beall gets credit for the uniquely designed shade structures that symbolize the sails and masts of the old sailing ships that visited Redondo, while Structural Engineer Theodore Anvick, designed the new Municipal Pier using computer simulated 3-D models to analyze his work before building took place.

Connecting to a 1926 Monstad Pier, the remainder of a 1928 pier, and the location of Wharf No. 1 which was built in 1889, the pier's newer portion actually looks and feels quite different from the older portion where sportfishing (free on all California public piers) is extremely popular.


Reflecting the unique assets of Redondo Beach, you'll find incredible restaurants along the pier, and most sport ocean views. The prices range from cheap (Craig's Hotdog on a Stick), to mid-range with many fresh fish options. For an upscale dining experience, head over to Baleen at Portofino Hotel near Rainbow Lagoon. The menu and prices cater to fine dining preferences.



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