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Pugs Dress for Pugtoberfest California


Pugs look so cute in their little suits!  If it's California and it's cold outside (say 65 degrees), then you'll see people pushing their babies (dogs) in the stroller with some clothes and sweaters to keep them warm. This is not a joke. The pug show above in his stroller wears a Hawaiian outfit, with a jazzy shirt and lei around his next, plus a straw hat.


While the grownups celebrate  Oktoberfest with the fake, funky chicken each year in Huntington Beach, those beers and cheers never last. In come the pooches, and they have their way of getting in on the act. A special event fundraiser called Pugtoberfest in Southern California raises money for animal care, and offers barks, growls, plenty of sniffs and licks for the participants.


Dogs tend to get a little impatient and bored if you don't keep them moving, so the day of merriment includes contests and lots of space to walk around the park. You'd expect to see a few surfer dudes or local beach pooches and the event seldom disappoints. 


It is but one of the many fun items featured in California for dogs. One of our very favorites after the dog blessing and Haute Easter Parade in Long Beach is the World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the fair held in Petaluma each year.