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The Huntington Beach Pier Picture Gallery includes an original digital photo of the pier with a palm tree. In addition, four other renditions of the same image are manipulated to offer different moods and effects in what has been used as frame-able artwork.

The Huntington Beach Pier is quite noticeable for its red domed roof top building smack dab on the end of the third-mile long structure extending into the Pacific.. 

Shown above it the iconic Huntington Beach landmark pier. It's not always been there. When it was destroyed the last time around by a huge series of waves, some thought it would never be back, in fact. But the citizens of Huntington Beach really loved their pier and they were willing to earn the money to pay for it. T-shirt sales, at a table at the base of the chained, gated and broken structure went on for several years. For many there was never a question about if it would be back. The question wash "When?"

Huntington Beach residents are a determined lot. When they put their minds to a project, it often comes out better because of the community effort and involvement. Like the pier, another project that was shuttered but bounced back was Shipley Nature Center in Central Park. Funding issues created a shortfall that forced closure. A citizens' group formed a nonprofit "Friends of Shipley Nature Center" to clean it up and run the place. Well, like the Huntington Beach, today the venue is a shining star.

The picture above of the Huntington Beach is the baseline photo for a series of several additional attempts to throw a smile on your face in an effort to get you to "lighten up".  When you travel and see the stark reality, beautiful as it is, some see things throw the mind's eye of what that place might look like if this or that was tweaked. Enjoy the ride to Huntington Beach as we provide you several imaginative options for your Huntington Beach Pier experience.