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Beach crowds on main Street California
picture of beach crowd

Huntington Beach, California Downtown


One of the hubs of beach entertainment in Orange County, California is Huntington Beach downtown and Main Street. It features a youthful, busy vibe. Lots of swimsuits, lots of youth, lots of partying, lots of dining outdoors, and there's shopping thrown in. Many are passing through the Main Street on their way to free parking spaces they secured a few blocks down the road.


Others are hanging out and enjoying the sunshine. The activity provides enough entertainment that if you tire of the beach, you can visit Main Street and have a good time. There are around 3 taco restaurants, hamburgers, salads, sushi, breakfast meals, and much to sip and savor both indoors and out.


Shown in the photo above is the typical summer sunshine crowd. With beach towels in hand, you can tell that some are heading to the beach to get a tan.


Life is good when lived at the beach. Summers are the best time to join in the fun with thousands of other people out for some sand, ocean waves, a little downtown food and shopping, and then a trip home.