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Beach Photos Special Images of Ocean, Sand, Sunsets and Fun


Beach Photos Father and Son


Beach Photos Sunset People Need People


Beach Photo Romeo & Juliet


Beach Photo Skyline Catalina


Beach Sunset Kids Play Football 


Beach Image of Toddler on Sand


Beach Picture of Pier Plaza


Beach Picture Surfer Leaves Water



Beach photos of sunsets can be enhanced by the people that fill the shadows and spaces of dark and light. You can see them by their shapes, their motions and their actions.


The picture taken above was photographed at the Southern California beaches stretching from San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Dark browns, muted browns, tans and earthen tones display the most common colors you'll find at the beach sunsets in this region.


Taking the beach photos is easy in this light. The main difficulty is getting enough light as the sun fades. Graininess from the high ASAs or ISOs of 800 and up and a variety of technical issues offer additional challenges when night falls on the beach. A tripod is a great tool for capturing the photos that they eyes don't see, but the lens can in time exposures.


For beach vacationers, sand can impact your beloved camera. But the technology has reached a state where the camera turnover has become more frequent, so we recommend you take the camera with you and be careful, but risk the sand situations... just be careful if you can.


The photo above is provided courtesy of the flat Southern California beaches such San Diego's Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Sunset and Seal Beaches. Vacations with beach hotel rooms are best enjoyed with plans to be there for the sunset.  If you are out touring at theme parks such as Disneyland, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, you may just miss this photo op.  But for vacations at the beach, one of the highlights is taking photos at sunset.  If you miss the sunset, try to stay an extra day to catch the show. If the sun is out, you're guaranteed a treat.