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Pismo Beach Splash Cafe Photo of Line Around the Block


picture of splash cafe
splash cafe line forms around the block
The photo of the Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach shows a typical week, with a line formed around the block as hungry diners wait to get a seat in the restaurant that's their favorite place to eat.

You donn't believe it till you see it. There are many restaurants in downtown Pismo Beach. And several do quite well in filling their seats. The all time favorite that those in line say is worth the wait, is Splash Cafe.

You can't miss the surfer-themed restaurant building just a block from the Pismo Pier, where surfers move endlessly in and out of the water to surf one of Central Coast's favorite spots. But surfing isn't what Splash Cafe or Pismo Beach is totally about.

When tourists make mental note of the beaches to visit on the Central Coast, Pismo Beach is the standout, hands down. 90 minutes south is Santa Barbara, a thriving and extremely popular beach city. It is one of the top visited beach communities on the coast for family or romantic vacations. But as you drive north, there's a long stretch of private farm land with beach frontage, some state parks with small coves, Ocean Beach that's sometimes inaccessible to the public in Lompoc, the wind-blown sand dunes of Oso Flaco and Guadalupe, and then, voila, you have the first mellow, warm sunbathing beach at Pismo.

In addition to its history as a tourist attraction, Pismo Beach has retained that quaint, cute beach vibe that tourists seek in the "authentic" beach experience. New building projects are on the rise, but Pismo still have Splash Cafe to be proud of. 

Guests come back from Europe, UK, Huntington Beach, San name it. They try the clam chowder that's won numerous awards, and once they've dined here, they come back, again and again. The building itself is quite interesting, providing things to look at while you wait in line around the block.