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Kite Flying Parties and clubs abound in California where the sun shines often. Near the ocean there's a predictable wind to get your custom, aerodynamic creation aloft.

Each year a loyal audience of kite enthusiasts gather in Huntington Beach, California for a "by-invitation" party sponsored by Huntington Beach Pier kite shop owner Dave "The Kite Guy" Shenkman. His Huntington Beach Kite Party was named Best Kiting Event in the USA by Kite Trade Association International, and is now an institution, recognized as one of the premiere kiting events in the country.

When you meet the tanned, friendly guy, you quickly gather that he's a pro. Sure, he'll sell you whatever you need and as an entrepreneur, operating a business is second nature. Shenkman grew up familiar with business operations and he family ran the successful Rainbow Disposal, the City of Huntington Beach assigned trash collection service.

Shenkman, himself, has had a passion for kites since he was a teen. He started flying them and enjoying the many aspects of the sport that he keenly recognized would grow and develop its product lines.  Getting in on the action early in the kite flying game, Shenkman began to see trends. His passion, combined with ease of business practices, helped him launch a kite flying shop that's been a huge success since 1983.

Putting to use his Speech Communication/Pathology B.A. degree, the master kite performer excels not just in kites, but in public presentations. He started a program, Kites for Kids several years ago, with on-location kite learning experiences at schools, assemblies and even corporate team building events.

During Shenkman's annual kite party, the Huntington Beach City Beach north of the pier is roped for the invitees. The public can watch from the ground, or from the pier, and there's usually a kite clinic for locals wishing to learn or try their hand, plus ample room to fly outside the "pro" area.

For kites and flags, Shenkman's your man. Call: (800) 431-3339.