California Palm Trees at Sunset With Ocean in Background


Most of us have seen the videos such as Randy Newman's "We Love L.A." These allure videos usually include some tall graceful palm trees swaying in a sunny California breeze.


Palm trees grow especially well in California's semi-arid beach climate, and in the desert you will find some unique palms and plants only growing in these specific spots on Earth. The Joshua Tree is one such example, growing in the Joshua National Park outside of Los Angeles in the desert.


Palm trees grow so easily in California that you can put one in the soil and in a few short years, it takes off toward the sky, never stopping to look down on the earth in which it is planted.


If you are a palm lover, prepare to photograph to your heart's content when you visit California. The palm tree should be declared the state tree, though it isn't. It is everywhere, and it loves the California suns.




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