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Oxnard Beach Volleyball Courts Oxnard Beaches California

beach volleyball oxnard

oxnard channel beach volleyball nets photos
Oxnard beach volleyball includes free volleyball nets for sand court play. The beaches are large swatches of soft sand broken up by the Channel Island Harbor that separates Oxnard. Oxnard share the passion for California Beach Volleyball Sand Courts play that you'll find especially popular in Southern and Central California where the weather is sunny and warm throughout the year.

If you're looking for some beach volleyball action, Oxnard, California is a decent place to stop and join in on a game. The sand volleyball courts shown above overlook the Pacific Ocean entrance to the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. A row of colorful multi-million dollar homes line the beach, much like a city to the south in Orange County with its volleyball courts at Sunset Beach. It, too, has sand volleyball courts offering a mellow, neighborhood atmosphere  for beach volleyball play.

Oxnard is a volleyball loverr's paradise.  You'll find volleyball teams in both the high school and Oxnard College sports and athletics departments, which is know for the women's volleyball team. Plus beach volleyball camps with Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos are held annually at Oxnard Beach - Oxnard Beach Park. Usually held in June through August, they are held for serious competitors or youth hoping to improve their game with critiques from trained pros.  (

Visitors seeking a ball for play, can drop by the Oxnard Target store and pick up a ball for around $12.  (50 W Esplanade Dr, Oxnard, CA. Call: 805-983-1411)


Beach volleyball play in Oxnard is available year-round and it's free. One hotel on the beach with the courts right outside your hotel door is Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach. You can use the map above to find your way to the courts, and you can book a hotel room, as well, if you like.