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Dining in Downtown Huntington Beach on Main Street
Dining outdoors in downtown Huntington Beach

Dining al fresco (outdoors) in downtown Huntington Beach is a lively experience

Huntington Beach, Calif..―Just imagine a typical meal. You go to the drive-thru and eat finger foods while driving home...or maybe you get home and begin to gulp your meal while staring with glazed eyes at the TV and evening news featuring yet another scandal about Paris Hilton. EEEEGADS.  There must be more to life, you think.

And there is!  Eating in California requires an appetite for a sensory experience satisfying not only your palette, but your eyes as well.

Pictured above is dining on Main Street in Huntington Beach. Sunny, casual, and filled with sensory input, you've found the answer to get out of your rut.  Try an outdoor meal in the heart of the busy downtown.