Oceanside 101 cafe
oceanside 101 cafe

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Oceanside, Calif. --Highway 101 as it is called in a stretch of coastal highway in Oceanside (it is also known as Coast Highway, Pacific Coast Highway or even Carlsbad Blvd. in Carlsbad), is a drive back in time. Cruisin' California combines with Surf City surfing, and Camp Pendleton Marine Base to make for an eclectic, wholesome, and old-fashioned experience that just feels good.

Among its residents are world class longboard surfer Julie Cox who runs the California Surfing Museum. Finding Oceanside a great place to be, this model, artist, surfer and museum manager,,  represents young minded thinkers who help provide the creative and energetic character of the city. When you stop and visit businesses, museums and shops along 101, you'll discover some fantastic people with a lot of passion to share with visitors.

101 Cafe, the colorful building depicting the  the historic highway movement in north San Diego County is the unofficial headquarters, and rightfully so. The historic building built in 1928 and listed as Historic Resource 4-105 has a "museum" inside. A shelf on the wall with the gift shop wares features t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, souvenir shotglasses, coffee mugs and a replica road sign you can buy and hang on your wall.

Described as the other Mother Road (compared to Route 66), 101 Cafe owner John Daley spearheads a committee that seeks to promote and rekindle the spirit of this coastal highway seen through the ages as the hub of "old town" shopping, dining and tourism. 30 miles of road from Oceanside to Solana Beach includes eucalyptus shaded streets, a train track and Amtrak trains that run parallel to the highway, and some small hotels and residential neighborhoods overlooking the Pacific Ocean at times.

Inside the restaurant, you'll find hearty salads, hamburgers, french fries, hot coffee, cool sodas,  chicken fried steak and hearty chili. Classic American faire, bicycles parked in the bike racks out in front, and a curved parking lot where roller-skate food servers used to deliver food to cars, offer glimpses into the past.

Oceanside's 101 gems include the restored, neon-lit Star Theater, classic Surf Bowl bowling alley, the new California Surfing Museum, Oceanside Pier (longest wooden pier in California), Ruby's Diner on the Pier, and a whole lot of soul.

Head inland a few miles to Mission San Luis Rey, a reminder that much of 101 followed the El Camino Real (Kings Highway).





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