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If you're looking to find your way to the beach from Anaheim & Disneyland, there's a woody cruiser style bus that shuttles guests for the day for a fee.


Stopping at popular beach destinations, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, the bus stops at 7 locations and picks people up at designated times.


If you've visited Huntington Beach in the summer, you know the routine--get to the beach early or face a traffic snarl you've never seen. Week days aren't quite so bad, but weekends, OUCH! The city is trying to find a new solution to this age old problem--and they think they've got it! The free Huntington Beach Surf City Downtown Shuttle travels from City Hall (2000 Main) to downtown Huntington Beach beginning May 22 through September 5, 2010.


It makes stops at the northwest corner of Main Street and Orange Avenue, and on 5th Street at The Strand. The surf-themed shuttle resembles a classic woody-style vehicle, and will operate on weekends from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The shuttle will also run on Memorial Day (May 31) and Labor Day (September 6), but will not be in service on Independence Day (July 4). Shuttle riders can take advantage of free parking in the Huntington Beach City Hall parking lot, located at 2000 Main Street at the corner of Main Street and Yorktown Avenue and board the shuttle at one of the two available stops in the lot. The shuttle will run on a 3.5 mile continuous loop throughout the day. Surf City Summer Shuttle is a pilot program funded by Air Quality Management District funds. For more information on the Surf City Downtown Shuttle contact the Economic Development Department at (714) 536-5542.




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