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Newport Pier in Newport Beach shown in photos is situated on a bend in the bay along a Newport peninsula.


Newport Beach--Newport Pier is one of two major Newport Beach piers, and five Orange County piers located on the famed Orange County beaches.  There's this incredible vibe around the Newport Pier. First, it's located along the Balboa peninsula overlooking some great restaurants and beach shops.  A set of Dory boats and a quaint little fish market smack dab on the beach next to the pier offer the look and feel of something old--and real.

Newport Pier is open from 6 a.m. to midnight daily. It includes a restaurant, free pier fishing, restrooms next to the pier and several picnic tables adjacent to the pier. Pay parking lots surround the pier with coin meters. There is an atm machine located at the base of the pier, and restaurants and shops surrounding the pier. While the beach is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Newport Pier enjoys an additional 2 hours of entertainment. From major freeways, you can access the pier via 55 and 73 Freeways.

The Dory fishing fleet is, itself, worth a story. It is their fishing methods and persistence in selling to locals rather than the big Japanese conglomerates that make this site worth a look.  A paved beach path passes by the base of the pier, providing a constant stream of traffic from bicyclists and joggers. So when you cross over the sidewalk to walk onto the pier, you really have to look both ways.

You can turn this Newport pier and the surrounding environs into a great little beach getaway. The Portofino (also known as the Newport Beach Hotel) is a boutique property overlooking the beach and pier. Luxury dining is located next to the hotel, plus Mexican, American, some great local bars and night clubs with that salty, down home atmosphere, and strolls on the pier or a walk on the beach make this very special for adults.

McFadden's Wharf  as the Newport Pier was once called, was established by the McFadden brothers, James and Robert, in  1879. The Newport Pier was completed in 1888 - 1889, according to historians.  McFadden's Landing and wharf were first established for commercial purposes. The two gents knew this region was destined to grow and as landowners, they invested in infrastructure to get things rolling.  Lumber from Northern California was one of the staples, though many products passed along its wooden planks during its earliest days and formative years for the growth of Orange County. 

Captain Samuel S. Dunnells is a name often associated with the first Newport Pier. Some say he established the pier with the help of the McFadden brothers, and they mostly provided the financing.  along with the help of developers James and Robert McFadden. The current pier is not the original, but has survived longer, thanks to a set of jetties that created a break for strong waves coming into port.

It's difficult to not be confused over the name of this pier and the other one within view, Balboa Pier.  Newport Pier has a restaurant that's changed ownership a few times. It is currently (as of writing) Newport Beach Pier Grill and Sushi Bar.

Address: 1 Newport Beach Pier Newport Beach, CA. Call: (949) 675-9771.





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