If Normal Rockwell was alive today, we're convinced he'd want to paint the strand at Newport Beach.


Newport Beach Lifestyle  is a Normal Rockwell Beach Classic. Newport Beach's strand is a modern-day Normal Rockwell painting come to life. With colorful awnings draped over the storefronts of the beach restaurants and shops, bright blue, green or red decorative cloth coverings announce everything to from soda to pizza. The lifestyle is a blend of Americana mixed with beach.

In front of the shops is a buzz of people all smiling, happy, and involved in a variety of conversations with friends.  One woman talks to a friend on a bicycle. She is clad in her black cropped pants, jogging shoes and sweat jacket. three ladies in their boots, fur-collar jackets and stylish hair-do's look at a menu and peak into a restaurant to see if it is the solution to their compromise.

Bicycle, dozens of them, sandals, flip flops, casual pants, people in motion, people talking and in numerous actions all fill the page of the photo that Rockwell would so adeptly capture in his timeless style.

Newport Beach beachfront areas such as the strand next to Newport Pier hold a special meaning and special spot in the hearts of those who've visited and enjoyed the fabulous weather, colorful shops, restaurants, and pleasure that people seem to partake of in this Orange County, California city by the sea.

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