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Newport Beach beaches offer one of the most popular beach locations for running.


There's something about the way the waterline recedes at Newport Beach that makes it ideal for jogging. Hundreds of runners can be seen morning and night, moving swiftly along the ocean front.


While the nearby bicycle path offers another place to run, the ocean has more room for moving along and also offers a light breeze to make the jog seem cooler and more comfortable. What's especially noticeable at Newport Beach are a higher than average share of beautiful women running and exercising.


It's not a joke. Just head to Newport Beach after work (evenings) and see if it isn't true. In addition to being a popular beach rental location for vacationers, Newport Beach peninsula also is extremely popular for young homeowners, and for young career people who rent condos and houses at the beach. When you live in Southern California, you're really missing out if you don't live at the beach at least once in your life.


The best opportunity to rent a place and share the rent on a beach-close abode continues to be Newport. With jobs nearby at Fashion Island and Irvine, the lifestyle is ideal for those just out of college and those looking for a healthy lifestyle filled with exercise opportunities, plenty of outdoors activities and a social life where you can ride your bike to restaurants, pubs and all the fun.  Newport Beach is a great place to visit on vacation, and when you're there, rest assured that you'll be able to continue your exercise regimen, jogging at the beach.



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