Newport Beach beaches offer colorful fashion for girls, especially



Newport Beach --The height of fashion for men on the beach tends to be in their wetsuits. While girls and women look fashionable in both swimwear, and in stroll wear.


First off, it's always a joke in Southern California that girls and guys wear ugg boots in the summer and winter. As if it's THAT cold! OK, so it hits a freezing 65 degrees on a cool beach evening. What it's all about is fashion.


 Shown in the photo above is a girl with lime Uggs and a matching lime-colored t-top.  Be it the beach or street, Southern California fashion is all about statement. It's just a little harder to state some things than others when it seldom drops below 60 degrees.


The men and boys often look quite ordinary. Their jeans are variations of the same thing. Blue, tattered, faded, shredded, tight, droopy, loose, baggy or whatever.


newport beach kids vacationGirls, on the other hand, can be seen wearing colorful short skirts, sweat little tank tops, and their matching shoes.  Shown in the photo is a scene from Newport Beach beaches near the Newport Pier. It's a popular place for teens to stroll. It colorful...and an incredibly fun environment for dates, socializing and just getting out to enjoy the weather.


Several shops along the strand sell cute beach clothing similar to what the girls are wearing in the photo above. It's OK not to dress up.. but in Southern California, fashion is fun...and in Newport Beach, there's plenty of fine fashion and good fun to go around.



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