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Morro Bay Seashell Shop  California Picture Gallery

morro bay seashell shop
The Shell Shop

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Morro Bay Seashell Shop called The Shell Shop "Excells in Shells"


Hopefully the sky is a give-away in this picture above. Skies don't really come in the color teal nor nor does this shop appear in reality as lime green. Pictured in the California travel guide gallery is one of Morro Bay's most popular shops, The Shell Shop. Excelling in shells, the store sells colored shells, shell wind chimes, shell signs, shell jewelry, key chains, boxes, postcards and nearly type of souvenir a tourist could want.


Morro Bay is one of the tourists stops on road trips north or south along the California Coast. It is located not far from Cambria, another popular weekend destination, and San Simeon, home to the State of California's most profitable park operation, the Hearst Castle, which charges for tours, yet is so popular that that people often must reserve well in advance of their visit.


Morro Bay has the quaint look of a fishing village. Sandbar island line the bay, anchored by a huge hunk of rock called "The Rock", one of a series of "sister" rocks formed millions of years ago.  The Morro Rock is a landmark that you can actually see on commercial jet flights as your craft travels along the coast.


People love The Rock but interaction with it offers not a lot of entertainment for the duration of a vacation. So what you can do is shop at the Shell Shop, dine along the oceanfront, play golf on a beautiful course overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and hike on the trails of State Parks at Morro Bay.


Events are offered throughout the year, causing the city's population to swell. There's often a healthy wind whipping through some of the bay areas of Morro Bay so word to the wise, always take a jacket or coat, just to be safe.