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Market Spot Picture  Balboa Island Hershey's Market


historic photo market spot balboa
balboa island hershey family runs market spot

Balboa Island, California--Hershey's Market was once called Market Spot, shown in the photo above. This historic photo imagery captures the business as it looked in the 1930s.

A visit to Balboa Island is simply a delight for tourists. What youu'll find that Newport manages to cling to as other places such as nearby Huntington Beach tears down its old shops is an historic look and feel that you'll see in one special shop, Hershey's Market.

Shown in the photo above, an image that can be seen along with other images and memorabilia at the island's historical society museum, is Hershey's Market as it appeared in 1936.  The picture shows the Hershey family operating the store shortly after they purchased it. Names of the Hershey family members are written in the photo above showing daughter Ruthy Hershey, looking very contemporary in her casual slacks and jacket, Tony Hershey, who has his head turned, and Mina Hershey. Tony & Mina were the mom and dad, and Ruthy was their daughter.

The store signage include "Spartan Grocers", quality meats, a bakery and prices such as 4 pounds of green beach for 25 cents, can only make us marvel at how things have gone up. Also on the storefront is an announcement that "We Deliver" with a phone number, 1000.

Today, Hershey's is one of several markets on the island. On the other end of the island near the Balboa Ferry is the Island Market, offering fresh sandwiches, sodas and snacks.

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Marine Avenue and surrounding streets are filled with more than 70 gift shops, galleries and restaurants.