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Huntington Beach Marine Safety Headquarters, Huntington City Beach Public Information

The Marine Safety Operation in Huntington Beach and the Huntington Beach's lifeguards and marine safety professionals rank consistently in the top tier for training and skill, carrying a long tradition of expertly guarding some of the most challenging waters in the U.S.  You can tell by watching this video and several others we made on our visit to the Marine Safety Open House days, that staff members have been trained to carry a message to the public about beach safety.  It is really no surprise that this City of Huntington Beach division excels in every way.

Huntington Beach Lifeguards patrol the shoreline from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. Virtually on the battlefront, they can testify to trends in America's love of beaches. The demand for relaxation at the beach is unparalleled, with millions of vacationers and year-round residents enjoying coastal areas. Approximately 54% of the nation’s population lives within 50 miles of the shoreline, and more people are moving to coastal areas every day. Add to that a burgeoning population in California, the nation's top visited destination, and the challenges for beach safety professionals can seem daunting.


Yet, Huntington Beach lifeguards and marine safety pros do an amazing job in their role as guardians, protecting lives. Marine Safety Officers patrol and respond to ocean rescues, major medical and law enforcement incidents, and many have specialized training, equipped to handle a variety of situations such as near shore/offshore, underwater, swiftwater, contaminated water, flooding and tsunami rescues. In addition, some are trained for cliff & low angle rescue, oil spills, earthquakes and other potential disasters such as terrorism or a nuclear reactor incident.


In a recent year, beach attendance at Huntington City Beaches was estimated to be about 8 million people.  Of those numbers, the Marine Safety Division assisted in over 80,000 preventive actions, provided medical aid to 1600+ people, made boat rescues saving over $1 million in property, had over 20,000 law enforcement contacts and helped over 200 lost people connect with their families. Providing educational opportunities, they also interfaced and taught over 3,000 students about beaches and water safety. 

A city recognized for its marine safety practices, Huntington Beach and its forward thinkers such a Vincent Moorhouse (facility shown in the video was named for him) are credited with creating numerous models for success that have been adapted throughout the U.S. and around the globe. For instance, Moorhouse, a form Navy Seals, created the Perimeter Defense System, which has been adapted as a standard today. Huntington Beach was among the first agencies to use Personal Water Craft in surf rescue and deploy Automatic External Defibrillators in all response units. Also among its credits is the Junior Lifeguard Program, a popular training camp for youth who seek greater marine knowledge and skills. Over 1,000 students annually take the eight week course, which attracts youngsters from around the globe.

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