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Manhattan Beach Visiting Its Beaches



I love South Bay and can't get it out of my mind. I always think that it offers the view to Orange County beach dwellers of what their future will bring. Like Newport, Laguna or Huntington, the beaches in the South Bay that include Hermosa and Manhattan are just so hard to visit because you can barely find parking on busy summer days.


When you arrive to town and notice the steel blue, sparkling ocean down the hill, you just feel frustrated that you can't be there right now sinking you toes into the soft, mellow sand. And feeling that ocean breeze against your skin.


So how does a tourist survive the mad rush to park and get to these treasured beaches. In a word, perseverance....and patience are key ingredients.


Like the OC beaches, Hermosa and Manhattan beaches are parking meter feed systems costing about $0.25 for 10 to 15 minutes of time. You kind of watch your savings click to the time when you feed the meters along the oceanfront, and city streets. Traffic jams are normal, traffic lights and just sitting in your car are all part and parcel of this crap shoot to visit the cool L.A. beaches.

On a study we did of beach parking for a downtown business association that wanted to analyze the beaches in Southern California and their parking needs, we found that the parking dilemma exists throughout Southern California, but is especially a challenge in Manhattan and Hermosa.

While there's a parking garage at Hermosa Ave. and 13th St., like everything else, it fills up fast. There are ways to maximize your beach play in the South Bay. Redondo Beach does a better job of providing beach parking. Load your bike onto the back of your car, park there and take a ride along the beach path to the other beaches.


When visiting for an overnighter, the Beach House is the closest hotel to the beach. It's pricy but very nice, and located in the heart of the action.



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