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Dr. Roadmap Helps Survive the Los Angeles Freeway Drive


Surviving the hectic drive in Los Angeles is the theme of a well-written and useful book, a must-have from an expert of the commute, David Rizzo (AKA Dr. Roadmap).

Studying the impact that driving has in congested places such as Los Angeles, Dr. Roadmap looks at the subject from the inside out. Referencing experts in a variety of fields, the author himself is a traffic expert who created the first "alternate route" segment in 1991 on 790 AM KABC radio.


Everyone knows what a Sigalert is, right? Not really, says Dr. Roadmap. Basic terms used in traffic reports aren't always explained or understood. In addition to being a primer for the road, the book includes information about how the roads are built and how they work in L.A.,  strategies for driving, resources and numbers to call for road information, and best of all, how to avoid Road Rage!


Though Dr. Roadmap additionally created a Road Rage board game as a light-hearted form of entertainment, he asserts that road rage is avoidable, and offers ways of handling situations that may lead to danger when driving.


Getting it: Survive the Drive! How to Beat Freeway Traffic in South California, by David Rizzo,  ISBN #0-9777791-0-6, available on



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