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Los Angeles Beach Bonfires


Beachcalifornia has a steady diet of beach bonfires. We love them and suck up the smoky, wood fumes nearly every night during the summer as the wind blows toward our offices in Orange County.  Here's our guide to beach bonfires in California.  Sunsets and bonfires go hand in hand, as do the adoring couples we see enjoying their special time overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The State of California Travel and Tourism Commission even used a beach bonfire on the cover of this year's visitors guide published by a special division of Sunset.


While we often advise to grab a fire ring and stake it out in the summer months, that advice is especially true at Los Angeles beaches. The busy, noisy Dockweiler Beach under the flight path of LAX  in Playa del Rey is the bonfire spot in L.A. and it's not easy to grab that brass ring, so to speak. With paid parking, Dockweiler Beach State Beach (which is maintained by Los Angeles County Beaches division), offers beach RV camping as well as nearly 2000 parking spaces. You can park and walk to the beach but the road is busy and you may have to look long and hard for a free parking spot.

Be sure to take money, fire wood, matches, something to start your fire with, and why not bring some hotdogs, sodas and a blanket or chairs to sit on. Firewood currently costs around $5-6 per bundle, which will last you about an hour.


Getting there: You'll find Dockweiler along Imperial Highway at Vista del Mar. There's a guard shack so not much chance of sneaking in. The beach is open till 10 p.m.


Where to stay: We love the hotels in Marina del Rey for overnighters. Of course not everyone can do the girlfriend getaway at the Ritz, so check out the affordable hotels, and you'll be stoked, instead of smoked.


By the way, there' no smoking at the beach! Just bonfire smoke.



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