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12 Reasons to Love Long Beach, CA


In the photo above are 12 Long Beach attractions:

  • Long Beach Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach

  • Cafe Sevilla on Pine

  • Mother's Beach at Marine Stadium

  • Gardens at Museum of Latin American Art

  • Volleyball at Granada beach

  • Aquarium of the Pacific

  • Belmont Shore Pier

  • Surrey bike ride on Long Beach strand

  • Queen Mary and Russian Submarine

  • Scottish Festival

  • Aqualink

  • Naples gondola ride


Long Beach, California--is a tough city to write about. For locals, it makes for a great overnighter when attending a conference, seeing a favorite play or tripping the lights fantastic. But travel writers particularly have a hard time knowing what to say. They are usually directed or shuttled to half a dozen restaurants where they sample international foods, are taken to one of Long Beach's ranchos, the Museum of Latin American Art, Queen Mary, Aquarium, and when time permits, given a ride to Catalina Island. Doing all those activities will keep you busy for two days. But many opt to stay on Avalon overnight once they take the boat to Catalina. And as for visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and several other theme parks and attractions in Southern California, Anaheim hotels offer daily buses providing hotel pick-up to Hollywood. It is tough for Long Beach to compete as a home base for a theme park trip.

While Long Beach and bordering Seal Beach both at one time were seaside attractions to rival Coney Island, The Pike in Long Beach was torn down decades ago, and is remembered with some decorative adornments and the namesake. You wouldn't go to Long Beach specifically to ride the one Ferris Wheel on a grass lawn next to Borders book store, where you get have a distant view of thd harbor on one side, and the concrete wall of the Borders building on the other.

You probably wouldn't choose a hotel stay in Long Beach for its beaches, as it takes a little work to reach them from most hotels (the bulk of the beaches are in Belmont Shore which is primarily business and residential.)


So why would anyone stay in Long Beach? Here are some reasons:


  • Long Beach Convention Center is the number one reason
  • Special events also bring folks to town--The Grand Prix in April is a huge draw
  • Carnival Cruises to Baja Mexico depart Long Beach
  • Trips to Catalina Island & Avalon on Catalina Express provide the most extensive schedules with severa trips daily
  • Long Beach Airport nearby with a wide range of Jet Blue flights
  • Dining downtown nightlife & entertainment features international cuisine, entertainment and flair
  • Port of Long Beach or Port of Los Angeles side-by-side are two of the busiest ports in the U.S.



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