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Long Beach Railroad Train Rides on El Dorado Express in El Dorado Park


Long Beach--If you are looking for something to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Long Beach parks offer a world of activities, which is one of the reasons they were chosen as the best park system in the nation. Take a 1.5 mile ride on a train that pulls up to El Dorado Express Depot every 20 minutes or so. Highlights of the tour include a ride through a tunnel filled with holiday lights, a forest of stuffed animals, and a Western town made of wooden displays. Use your imagination to realize how a child may envision this as a magical place. It is geared for kids, but the ride is pleasant for adults, as well.

The El Dorado Express is a refurbished train built to run in a park in 1946. Powered by a steam engine, this train and cars sat in a dirt lot at Colton Piano for over 20 years, till it received the loving care and was refurbished by a father son team.

Tony Ruvolo and his son Greg began working on the train to bring back its beauty and luster, starting in 1988. When the task was completed, the installed the train in a large public park located off the 605 Freeway in Long Beach. Train rides, paddle boats on a small manmade lake, and bounce house rentals and party packages are all available in the park filled with lush green lawns, shade trees, and lots of parking.

Tickets are sold at the El Dorado Express Depot for an amazing price of only a few dollars, with the train running around 11 a.m. till about 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. on weekends.

Other cities would drool over the amenities, golf, archery and even a train ride in the park that adults, families and especially children can enjoy. El Dorado Nature Center features a bridge passing over a small, artificial island for turtles seen basking in the sun. There's a building filled with displays and many signs posted to explain the trees, flora and fauna.

For a day to remember, the train ride is just the beginning of an excellent adventure!

El Dorado Park

7550 E. Spring St., Long Beach, CA

Tel: (562) 824-7725


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