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Huntington Beach Power Plant AES Steam Generating Plant California
Huntington Beach Power Plant AES Steam Generating Plant, once owned by Southern California Edison, has been a part of the Huntington Beach landscape for decades.


Huntington Beach, Calif.- That big power plant youu'll see the next time you enter or leave Huntington Beach on Pacific Coast Highway toward Newport Beach has been around for years. Back in the late 1970's it underwent a clean-up process in which many of the asbestos chemicals were removed from the facility. Asbestos was popular at one time for insulation and heating products, till it was discovered the fibers attached themselves to the lungs and eventually could cause cancer.

Southern California Edison sold this power plant over 10 years ago when it experienced a de-regulation process similar to the telecommunications industry. AES now owns and operates the plant, and proposals from a company to build a desalination plant using the electric (steam) generating station's intake valves has been proposed. 

The plant doesn't seem to create any significant impact to the price of housing. Nearby house tracts that tout ocean proximity sell for prices similar to other Huntington Beach beach-close locations.  The beach in front of the facility is Huntington State Beach located near Newland and Pacific Coast Highway.

What's interesting about this power plant, a long time neighbor of north Huntington Beach, is that many hardly see it, or don't see it's existence as detrimental to booking conferences at the Hyatt Regency HB Resort & Spa, in Huntington Beach, or living in this part of the city near the beach. Having been involved in events planning, I have seen many hotels being nixed because of such views that this generating station affords. So as for hotels and the Hyatt's four diamond ranking, it will require some heavy duty expense to covet five diamonds. Once a stated goal, with the success this hotel has experienced in the conference and meetings business nationally, it's quite possible they've discovered that there's no need to shoot for the stars (and diamonds), when the hotel reaches capacity often.

Note: There are generating stations on the ocean north of Huntington Beach in Redondo Beach, and south in several locations. One nuclear plant exists at San Onofre near San Clemente, and the generating station is located on the bay in Carlsbad.