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On Board Exhibit and Huntington Beach Surf Fest at Huntington Beach Art Center

The On Board exhibit at the Huntington Beach Art Center was advertised as featuring works from artists in Cuba, Netherlands and Vietnam with the exhibits being related to the ocean and surfing. The big ball sitting in water at top said, according to the signage next to it, that the artist took images from the Internet and glued them onto the ball.

The board displays on row two show skateboard and skate evolution, then a surfboard with Bob Marley reggae master, and the signage as you enter the exhibit. For a permanent exhibit featuring skateboards and surfboards, head on over to the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum.

My best method for getting comments about this exhibit was to ask a 4-year-old girl what she thought of it.  She liked one photo where a group of people were lying on the pavement. It concerned her that they appeared to be in the road lying down.  Other photos which are the bulk of the exhibit showed people in posed settings with boards or board themes.

One of the more fun surf-themed exhibits that some still recall was organized by Natalie Kotsch of the International Surfing Museum. Called "Appearances" or "APierances", it featured a similar focus and included the works of great surf-themed painters from the region (there are many).

The On Board exhibit ran during the summer of 2007 through Sept. 9. 

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