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  Beach Dancers in Huntington Beach Video




Dancing at the beach in California includes some great moves!


Sometimes you know that you just gotta dance. Click the video above to watch some mighty fine dancing. At the beach, dancing comes easy, because the weather's so delicious. In Huntington Beach, dancing is a form of free expression at the beach. From hip hop to swing, you'll see all kinds of dancing going on. 

These talented tap dancers performed on this video to Unkk's Walk it Out. The lyrics to the song are pretty basic.

Ayyyyyyy Now Walk It Out. Now Walk It Out. Now Walk It Out. Now Walk It Out. Now Walk It Out. Now Walk It Out. Now Walk It Out. Now Walk It Out.

West Side Walk It Out. South Side Walk It Out. East Side Walk It Out. North Side Walk It Out.

When Huntington Beach recently sought to enhance the downtown (Main Street) with entertainment, the city and downtown Business Improvement District (BID) closed down the street once a week during the "off" season (March - May) for a food market and entertainment in an event called Surf City Nights. Most the entertainment came from 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  

Musicians, street performers, dancers, balloon artists, artists and actors all appeared in staged sequence to have several things happening simultaneously within a two block area. The talent is great, with many of the artists enjoying success in the film studios and creative houses in L.A.